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Enjoy Your Special Day

The mission of Party Dance is to connect the Bride and/or Groom with the people and music they love at a monumental event in their lives through a creative combination of dance moves helping to bring excitement and joy to their wedding memories.

Step 1


You select your song mash up with songs you love and are connected to. Song mash up typically includes 4 to 6 clips of your favorite song in a 3-6 minute routine choreographed specifically for you based on your preference and the fitness level and dance experience of those participating.

Step 2


After consultation you will receive a song and choreography video with option to make minor edits. You will receive a video of the final and complete choreography along with a printable pdf of song mapping. Song Mapping is a breakdown of the choreography by verse, count and lyric. You will also receive an instructional video breaking down choreography in each section.

Step 3

Peace of Mind

Enjoy your special dance knowing you are working with a industry expert. Joni has been a dance choreographer for more than 14 years. You can feel comfortable and have peace of mind knowing you are working with the best.




Payment is due when Instructor/Client Agreements is signed.


In person choreography instruction. Price varies based on location, facility fees and required travel.

Starts at $40.00 per hour.

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